Covid-19 has changed the way Realtors conduct open houses now and likely in the future.

Whereas in pre-Covid times a Buyer might be able to physically visit 3-6 homes on a given weekend; now a Buyer can comfortably visit double that amount from the comfort of their own home.

Virtual Open Houses (VOH) can be either live or pre-recorded. Typically they would be 15-30 minutes in length. They can be accessed live on the listing agents Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages. Pre-recorded links can also be accessed on, and

For safety and privacy issues Realtors must be careful not to display any identifiable items of a personal nature or any valuable items.

A VOH should include a view of the street and the exterior of the home as well as detailed interior views. Prospective buyers want to feel like they are physically at the house. A VOH should include a comments question, to answer any prospective buyer questions.

Post Covid VOH’s will not likely replace the traditional open house but rather enhance them and be a valuable addition to marketing a home.