Buyers are more than fine and in some cases prefer smaller lots. Smaller lots equal less maintenance and less property tax. The recent lack of interest in gardening and lawn care as a weekend hobby has contributed to this shift.


Buyers who still want larger lots often want a swimming pool. And these pools are generally top notch often running $100,000 or more with all the extras including hard and soft landscaping features and accessories. This trend started in the 2010s when the “Staycation” became popular. In the past pools would detract from the value of a home because of all the maintenance costs however a newer pool now adds value to a home in a real estate transaction.


Buying a home on a busy street used to be a no go for most homebuyers but that has changed. Many buyers now desire a shorter walk to the subway and amenities that a busy street generally offers. While I still see a discount built into a home on a busy street it is nowhere near as high a discount as when I first started in real estate