#1. HIRE AN EXPERIENCED REALTOR. The Malcolm Gladwell 10,000-Hour Rule would apply here.

#2. TIMING: Markets are fluid and ever-changing. Your Realtor needs to have an intuitive sense of the market and know when the tide is coming in and when it is receding and react accordingly.

#3. PRICING: This is crucial. This is not an antique or art auction. You will reap the rewards if your Realtor understands pricing and can customize a strategy that will work best for your home depending on the shifting market conditions and the unique characteristics of your home.

#4. STAGING: This is often more about fixing a broken door handle, replacing the grout in the bathtub/shower, and placing clutter in storage than  it is decorating the home with furniture and art. Keep it real.

#5. PHOTOGRAPHS: Great photos make a great first impression. The photos for the listing will appear in all the marketing material and social media so they should be high quality and capture the essence of the home for sale.

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