#1 HIRING THE RIGHT REALTOR: Hire a Realtor who has extensive experience working with Buyers and a track record of success in relocations. And make sure that Realtor enjoys working as a Buyers Agent and is not preoccupied listing homes. In a competitive market like Toronto your Realtor will need to be available 24/7 so that no stone is left unturned and no opportunities are missed.

#2. NEIGHBOURHOOD INFORMATION: Your Realtor should be able to provide timely information on important search criteria such as schools, parks, and transportation.

#3. RELIABLE SERVICE PROVIDERS: An experienced Realtor should be able to connect you with top flight professionals from home inspectors to real estate lawyers and accountants who are experienced in dealing with any cross-border and immigration issues.

#4. TECHNOLOGY: Your Realtor can help make your move easier with virtual showings and electronic signatures. Make sure your Realtor is Tech Savvy. Buying a home has never been easier thanks to technology.

#5: SETTLING IN. I provide all my relocation clients with a complimentary service called MoveSnap. This service allows homebuyers moving anywhere within Canada to access a myriad of live and online concierge services that can assist with anything from finding a great school and a family doctor to assisting with getting a health card and drivers licence; as well as setting up all of your household utility accounts. MoveSnap takes the stress out of moving and let”s you focus on settling in and enjoying your new home.

Make sure your relocation is a success. It would be my pleasure to assist you. David@RealEstateWithDavid.com

* Author – Your Guide to Toronto Neighbourhoods.